Pre-mediation & Assessment Interview  
$450 per interview

- 60 to 90 min appointment
- Each party will need a separate interview
- $75 discount if interview can be held in solicitor’s office                  


- 4 hours (3 hour mediation)
- Includes 15 min private meeting with each party before and after mediation
- These costs will be shared between the parties equally
- $500 discount if mediation can be held in solicitor’s office

Reading of supporting documentation (if required)
$10 per A4 page               

Room hire

Liz hires office space on an ‘as needs’ basis.    Some solicitors are able to provide a meeting room, free of charge, for their clients to meet with Liz.  If this is your situation Liz will be happy to travel to your solicitor’s office to meet with you and will discount your fees.

Reading of supporting documentation

In most mediations there is no need for Liz to read supporting documentation (other than any current court orders and protection orders).  If the reading of supporting documentation is needed for your mediation Liz will charge each party for any materials they ask her to read beyond the first 10 A4 pages.  Liz will not charge any fees for reading current court orders and protection orders.

Payment arrangements

Payment is required at least 5 business days prior to an appointment.

Payment can be made by direct deposit to:

Account name: Keogh Mediation
BSB: 082 926
Account number: 29 980 2111

Cancellation fees

A cancellation fee ($150 for Pre-mediation / Assessment Interviews and $600 for mediations) will be charged for any appointment that is cancelled with less than 5 business day’s notice.

For mediation appointments the cancellation fee will be payable by the client who cancelled the mediation (or divided equally between the clients, if cancelled by both clients).

Fees for the reading of supporting documentation will only be refunded if the appointment is cancelled prior to Liz undertaking the work.