Step 1 – Inviting the other person (or people) to participate

After an initial phone call with you, Liz will send a letter or email to the other person, inviting them to participate. If you’d like to meet Liz before engaging her, or if you and the other person have already agreed that she’s the right mediator for your family, you can skip straight to Step 2.

Step 2 – Pre-mediation & Assessment Interview

You can book this appointment straight away - or wait to see how the other person responds to the invitation to participate. This interview is a chance for Liz to learn more about your family and situation, and to help you prepare for the mediation. This appointment will last 60-90 minutes. The other person (or people) will have a separate Pre-mediation & Assessment Interview.

Step 3 – Mediation

After all parties have had a Pre-Mediation & Assessment Interview Liz will book a mediation.  Everyone will attend this appointment (although you may be in separate rooms for some or all of the time).   The mediation appointment will be for three hours. If there is more to discuss than be covered in three hours you can book multiple mediation appointments.

Step 4 – Formalising your agreement (if required)

If you reach an agreement in the mediation you may want to formalise that agreement. Depending on your circumstances this might be something you can do by yourself, or you might need Liz’s assistance, or even the help of lawyers. Liz can talk with you about the options for formalising agreements at any point in the process.

Needing a '“s60I certificate” to start court proceedings about children’s issues?

Before making an application to the Family Law Courts for orders about children, parents (and other carers) have to try and resolve their dispute through Family Dispute Resolution (FDR). Liz is authorised to issue the “s60I certificates” which the courts require to prove FDR has been attempted. There are three points in the process when Liz might be able to issue a certificate:

  1. After Step 1, if the other person declines the invitation to participate, or doesn’t respond to two letters or emails;

  2. After Step 2, if Liz’s professional opinion is that mediation is not appropriate for your family at this time; or

  3. After Step 3, if you don’t reach agreement in the mediation.

How long will all this take?

If the other party doesn’t agree to come to mediation, a s60I certificate can usually be issued three weeks after you ask Liz to send an invitation.

Mediations usually happen five to six weeks after the first person contacts Liz. It might take a little longer if the other person takes a while to respond to the invitation to participate.

Certificates stating that mediation isn’t appropriate are usually issued four to five weeks after the first person contacts Liz.

Wanting to get things started?

If you think Liz might be the right person to help you and your family … get in touch - you’ll find all Liz’s contact details here.

Liz is available to conduct Pre-Mediation & Assessment Interviews, and Mediations, during normal business hours on Mondays and Fridays.